Fishing Trips in Minnesota

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October Special: Come to Orr, Minnesota for “Hook” (fishing), “Trigger” (hunting), or “Hook & Trigger (combine fishing and hunting on the same day). Orr is home to beautiful Pelican Lake, which is teaming with multiple species of fish, as well as about a bazillion acres of public land for us to hunt ruffed grouse and woodcock – where numbers are much higher than other areas of the state. Two people: $850 for a full day. Inquire with Tim on the “Contact” page.

Fishing Trips

I am a multi-species fishing guide – so whether you are pursuing bass, northern, musky, walleye, sturgeon or panfish – most likely I can help you. I love fishing in general, and a lot of action is great– but my favorite thing is seeing you catch the big ones!

At the outset, I will typically gather the information necessary to help you reach your goals. For instance, sometimes people want to catch their first or their biggest musky (you can fill in the blank with whatever species you desire). Other times, folks just want to have some fun catching fish, and maybe bring home enough for a meal. Still other times, they want to learn new fishing techniques, be waited upon, or learn new things about the lake they live on. Occasionally, I am helping the youth, the elderly, or a handicapped person to realize their dreams… something I find tremendous satisfaction in helping with.

Fishing Trips

I invite you to come with me on one of those adventures.

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I fish through the seasons.

In Minnesota, fishing season opens the second weekend of May. Prior to that, I am typically cruising the shallows, sight fishing for big crappies and sunfish. May and June are prime months to catch everything; all fish species tend to be shallow, on the bite, and thus easier to contact. During this time, I am pursuing large and smallmouth bass, musky, northern pike and walleye. Many days, you may find yourself catching many species on the same lure, in the same general area.

As summer progresses into later July and August, water temperatures rise and there is a baitfish boom. Fish tend to move deeper – which tends to spread them out, and it takes more work to tease the fish into the biting. It is my style to be pursuing fish that are active. This means moving from spot to spot, casting, and trying different presentations until we figure it out. I have to admit, it does drive me a little nuts to have to hover my boat over fish, and force-feed them with a minnow– but I will do it if I have to – as is sometimes the case in July/August.

Fall is my favorite time of year! The leaves are so beautiful, the air is very crisp – but it also means that we can fish AND hunt! During September and October, the water is cooling, the baitfish are growing up or being thinned out, and most predatory fish tend to get more active before winter. Once again, this is a great time to catch everything. And if part of you wants to fish AND hunt, make sure to ask about my “Cast and Blast” option!

I fish out of a 20-foot Ranger – which has big casting platforms in the bow and stern, and comfortable seating for those who wish to sit. All of my fishing gear is new for 2023 – including rods, reels, tackle and life preservers. I’m an experienced and licensed boat captain who has been entertaining people on the water since the 1970’s; You will be safe. The Brainerd Area is “home base”, but I also travel to where the hot bite is. If you have an interest in a particular lake, or area – just ask.


Jeff I. Brainerd, MN

Some of my best adventures on the water over the years have been with Tim. From Alaska to Minnesota – from salmon and halibut to muskies, smallmouth bass and walleyes – we have put some huge fish in the boat over the years. In addition, I I have harvested a few turkeys, deer and game birds with Tim over the years too. He is a true wild man.

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