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Welcome to the hunting report page!

Somehow, someway, I manage to find something to hunt almost every month of the year. Birds and big game in the fall; birds down south in the winter. Big game in other states. Turkeys in the spring. Bowfishing all spring and summer. Stay tuned to the fishing and hunting report pages to see what my guests, friends and I are up to!

September 2023 Hunting Report

Ruffed Grouse The Ruffed Grouse hunting season has been in full swing for two weekends now in Minnesota; the American Woodcock season opened the past Saturday with the waterfowl season. Preliminary reports are good. Sam and I have been finding grouse in our traditional spots. I always say that 90% of the grouse are in 10% of the habitat; find that and go back year after year and you

June 2023 Hunting Report

I consider bow fishing to be hunting. We use our boats and our eyes to spot and stalk fish. When we get in range, we shoot them with bows and arrows made specifically for penetrating and landing big fish. To me – it’s the best of both worlds : fishing, and hunting.

March 2023 hunting report

It’s the in-between time of year - when there is no open hunting season in Minnesota. If you read my fishing report, you know that I had surgery on my right arm a few weeks ago, to take care of carpal and cubital tunnel issues. I just got the cast off, and am healing. Soon, it will be time for turkey hunting, and bow fishing. Somewhere in there, my
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