What to bring

What to Bring

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Fishing Trips

All fishing gear, bait and tackle, and the safety gear is included. Typically, we will agree on the place to meet the night before. Usually this is at a public boat launch, but in some cases – it might be at the hotel where you’re staying, or at the dock if you are at an area resort. If you have a favorite rod and reel or fishing lure, I encourage you to bring it!

Guests should make sure they have whatever clothing they need to be warm and comfortable – including rain gear, extra layers, hats and gloves. For accessories – polarized glasses, sunscreen, and a camera or cell phone are encouraged. Food and drink is a good idea – especially if you plan to be out all day. There is plenty of room in the boat for a small to medium cooler. Most lakes have bathroom options, or at minimum, a porta-potty at the landing. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has several options for licenses. You will need to have on your person a copy of whatever license you choose to buy: single day, short-term or annual. If you don’t have a paper copy, having it handy on your cell phone is popular too.

Fishing Trips Minnesota

Hunting Trips

In most cases, we will have agreed on a place to meet the night before, or long before that. Typically, the guests will follow me in their own vehicle. Occasionally, it will make sense for the guests to ride with me – especially if we are going deep into the woods and the going gets tough.

Brush-busting in the woods of Minnesota can be physically demanding. I have to admit that by the end of the day, I am typically plenty tired out. The dog pack and I will do everything in our power to bring you to the birds. It is up to you to be in good enough condition to get there. Some allowances can be made – such as walking trails, logging roads, or even in some cases – riding an ATV. Please talk to me before-hand if you have special needs.

It’s a good idea to bring a game bag, hunting pants that protect your legs, some blaze orange as required by law, a hat, shooting glasses and gloves. Good boots that fit and are broken in are a must. I encourage you to bring plenty of food and drink for lunch, as well as snacks to have along the way. You should bring your favorite shotgun and plenty of shells. I have an assortment a very nice shotguns that are available to rent in the case that you don’t want to travel with guns.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources sells short-term and seasonal small game licenses. Make sure and have one in your pocket, or a digital copy on your phone – prior to hunting.

Hunting Guided Trips Minnesota
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