Bowfishing Trips in Minnesota

Come adventure with the Wildman

Carp Carnage! That’s what I like to call it.

Hunting and fishing are my two favorite sports. Combine those two things and you have the sport of bowfishing. Everything I do is fantastic fun, but sometimes when you hit it right, bowfishing trip is the ultimate in excitement, fun, and the kind of chaos that can make you feel just plain giddy!

The typical day of fishing with the rod and reel will find us practicing some version of catch and release – but in this case, we will be going on a flat-out killing spree! We also get some absolutely gigantic fish – arrowing fish approaching 40 pounds. 20 ponders are common and smaller fish can be very numerous.

Some of the lakes of Central Minnesota, down through South-Central and Western Minnesota – are full of common carp and bigmouth buffalo. These fish are non-native, have reproduced to the point of overpopulation, and in some cases – they’ve even denuded our lakes of weeds – making them stagnant, muddy, filthy environments where native species of fish cannot survive. The local DNR puts tremendous effort and expense into trying to control them, but they are fighting a losing battle. They need our help.

Weather conditions play an important factor. Water temperature, wind, and clarity can foil our efforts, and if the trip is going to be a bust, I will just say so. But if the conditions are right– look out!

The months of May and June are the best times to bowfish. Fish move to the shallows in the spring, and when the urge hits them to spawn, they have their mind on that one thing – procreation. Action can be fast and furious. In July and August, shallow water becomes weed choked, or algae blooms are often the case – which kills the visibility. Opportunities can become much more limited, but I am always the one that keeps on trying.

Bowfishing Trips  Minnesota

We fish both day and night.

Day trips are best when it is sunny and reasonably calm. Fish tend to be spooky so it takes a stealthy approach. Polarized glasses are a must, and always remember to aim much lower than you would think.

For a very unique experience, come bowfishing with me at night! Fish tend to be much more relaxed, and sometimes even downright stupid. Imagine slipping into a big group of fish where everybody is shooting as fast as they can, fish are scattering everywhere, others are just sitting there – and your biggest limitation is reeling in your line so that you can launch another arrow. The fish bucket is filling up fast, escapees are flopping all over the floor, and everybody is either giggling or in a state of panic (the fun kind). This is the chaos and pandemonium that every open-minded fishing enthusiast must experience.

All equipment and training is provided. I have bows to fit men, women and teenagers. You should wear play clothes; rain bibs over the top are a good idea. And you can expect to get slimed and bloody. Don’t worry, it usually washes off, but if it doesn’t, the clothes go in the trash!

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