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Sam Elliott’s Profile

“Unbridled Intensity” is his AKC registered name. Formally, he is Sam Elliott– named after the very cool, iconic movie star. Those of us who know him just call him “Sam” or “Sammy.” Sam has been with me going on six years now, and he might very well be one of the most experienced hunting dogs on the planet. What other dog can say they have hunted in Alaska, Montana, Minnesota, Arizona, Kansas, Florida, and several Canadian provinces? Sam has hunted nearly every species of upland game bird in North America. He is a veteran of a couple dozen flights, and many a long road trip. He goes with me literally everywhere. In my opinion, half the fun of upland bird hunting is watching the dog work. Gordon Setters are beautiful all by themselves– but watching them work out a scent, lock the bird down, and set up a stylish point is something special to witness. The second half of the equation is walking in for the shot, and making it count before the bird gets out of range. If you miss the bird, you shake it off and march on hungrily to the next point – but if you get that bird in your hand and are able to admire it, it is quintessentially satisfying.

Unbridled Intensity Dog
Sam with Tom

Guide Service with Sam

I began hunting ruffed grouse in Minnesota at the age of seven, following my uncle and my older brother around in the woods. This desire was set in me at a very young age, and I’ve been pursuing upland game birds ever since. I’ve hunted birds about every way there is to do it – but in my opinion, hunting with the pointing dog has to be the most fun and satisfying. Being successful in that partnership is very rewarding, and I’d like to see you experience it too. You may notice in the photos that Sam is always on the lookout. He hates sitting still for a hunting photo; he is always looking for the next bird. Sam is even constantly looking out the window of the truck while we travel. He rarely misses wildlife that is along the roadside; he is that intense. My friends are amazed by it. Sometimes it becomes obnoxious, but I also know I never want to change that about him.

Sam has so much desire. I’ve seen him retrieve ducks in the most frigid water, and the only way to stop him is to leave him home (not an option), put him on a leash (he hates this), or bring lots of towels to dry him off and keep him reasonably warm (Sam prefers this). I invite you to join Sam and I for a hunt in Minnesota. Whether you are a bucket list hunter looking to fulfill a dream, an avid hunter looking for a new experience, or a beginning hunter simply looking to learn – you are sure to enjoy a beautiful day in the woods, or on the prairie with Sam and I. And if you want Sam to go fishing with us, make sure and say so. He loves being in the boat! More dogs are being added to “the dog team.”

Stay tuned to this page, to my blog, or to my hunting report – for updates.

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